what to wear for your senior pictures on the beach?

For senior pictures on the beach of beautiful 30a, you can opt for a casual and comfortable outfit that reflects your personal style.

Here are a few suggestions to consider:

For girls I will recomMEnd:

1. Flowy Maxi Dress: A maxi dress in a light and breathable fabric can give you an effortless and elegant look on the beach.

2. Denim Shorts and Boho Top: Pairing denim shorts with a bohemian-style top can create a relaxed and trendy vibe for your beach senior pictures.

3. Romper or Jumpsuit: A romper or jumpsuit can be a stylish choice, offering both comfort and versatility for your photoshoot.

4. Off-the-Shoulder Top and Skirt: If you want a more feminine look, try an off-the-shoulder top paired with a flowy skirt in coordinating colors.

5.Accessories: Hats or caps, Sunglasses. Props that reflect your personality: Consider bringing items that represent your hobbies, interests, or profession. It could be anything from musical instruments to sports equipment. These props can make your photos more unique and personal.

Pro Tip: Bring more outfits than you need, and your photographer will be able to help you determine what will work or not.

At Senior Photography 30a, I always recommend bringing 4 to 5 outfits.

Remember, the most important thing is to wear something that makes you feel confident and reflects your personality. Have fun capturing those memorable moments!

For boys:

when it comes to senior pictures on the beach, you want to go for a relaxed and yet stylish look. I'd suggest opting for a pair of well-fitted khaki or linen pants, paired with a light-colored button-down shirt or a casual polo shirt.

You can also consider wearing a nice pair of boat shoes or sandals to complete the beachy vibe.

Don't forget to bring a cool pair of shades and maybe even a hat if you want to add some extra flair to your outfit. Just make sure you're comfortable and feel like yourself – that's the most important thing!

Have a great photoshoot! 😊

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