DO YOU Want to have a family session that looks like a FASHION

editorial shoot?

You don’t feel like having a typical beach session with your family and you prefer to document your life with your children.

We can organize a personalized lifestyle photoshoot designed around your family activities, whether it's in your home or outdoors.

You enjoy cooking together, cycling in Rosemary beach, going to the ice cream shop in Seaside, surfing small wave in Grayton beach or even doing a headstand contest in your leaving room. We will plan various slice-of-life moments that will showcase your family's activities and bond.

Coming from a background in kids' fashion and editorial, (clients include: Petit Bateau, Milk magazine, Ebay campaign, Nike kids etc) it is easy for me to capture these kinds of moment in a natural and effortless manner.

Imagine a stylish reportage capturing you and your kids doing what you do best and having a blast while doing it.

During the session we can also do few traditional family pictures (if you wish).

Here are some examples of what I can create for you and your family.

Guillaume from Family Photography 30a

A family dancing in front of a moke car
family on the floor with kids and toys
a little girl with a bucket hat in seaside beach
a family moment in a Watersound origin house
a mum in the kitchen with little boy
3 kids having fun on the beach
a little girl reading the Seaside times newspaper
a mum having fun with a boy and a yukelele in a Watersound house
a little girl jumping in her living room
a family playing with kids in their house
a girl having 2 sunglasses on the beach in Rosemary beach
A boy standing on the moke car in 30a
portrait photography of a mum and a kid
a boy and his skateboard on the beach in 30a
a pregnant woman in her living room in Rosemary beach
A girl having a soda in front of the moke car in Inlet beach florida
kids giving cuddle to their dad in Inlet beach Florida
2 sibling playing in their room
a dad laughing with her daughter on the floor
3 children going to the beach in Rosemary beach


  • Minimum 1h30 photo session
  • You can change outfits
  • We can change locations
  • Minimum 60 pictures High resolution (unretouched) + 20 retouched pictures
  • All printing rights
  • The locations you want (on 30a or PCB)
  • Maximum 6 people




Before your session:

Contact me with the form below then

I will email you or call you to talk about what kind of image you want me to do and how we can maximise our time and locations.

We will prep the props we need and you can consult me on the outfits you want to wear.


During your session:

You can relax, I am taking care of everything.

I’m here to tell you and your children what to do, what looks great and to make you have the best time.

We will capture what make your family special.


After your session

3 days after the session, you will receive access to your gallery with a minimum of 60 pictures in high resolution.

From those 60 pictures, you can pick the 20 you really love for retouching.

YES! You have the final say but I can always help you if need.

Those images will be retouched one by one to make them perfectly finished and will be in your gallery where you can download them and share with friends and family.