Finding the best 30a family photographer can be challenging!

That's why I want families to have a clear and relaxed understanding of their experience. Here are the most frequently asked questions I receive:

But please, if you have any other questions, feel free to email me directly at I make it a priority to reply to all emails within 3 hours.


What if the weather is not great?

You're in the famous panhandle, but yes, sometimes it can rain.

If it's raining a few hours before your session, I will contact you to try to reschedule your session, if we can't you will get a 100% refund. If it's cloudy, it is even better, that's how you can get those pastel colors and your pictures will still look bright and fresh.

Remember, you are on the coast, so the weather can change quickly for everyone's benefit.

What area do you serve?

I'm covering from Blue Mountain to Panama City Beach.
Santa Rosa,
Panama city Beach, PCB, Rosemary Beach, Inlet Beach, Laguna beach, Alys Beach, Seagrove, Seaside, Grayton beach, Seacrest, Watercolor, Watersound, Sunnyside etc.

*Not serving Sandestin, Miramar or Destin

Do I get the high resolution?

You sure do. Your final selection will be in high resolution so that you can download them and keep them preciously.

Do you retouch the pictures?

All photography is opened one by one and edited for light, color and sharpness but also a light retouching to make the image totally finished.

For example, I will remove something undesirable in the background, a dribble on a toddler, a spot on your skin, or even marks from sunglasses.

Is it your full time job?

Yes, I have been fortunate enough to be a professional photographer for the past 18 years. I began in the fashion industry in Paris, taking pictures for brands and magazines such as Elle, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan, or capturing Naomi Campbell and Gisele Bundchen for Dior fashion shows..

Then I moved to Advertising, where I created campaigns for major global brands like eBay, Budweiser, Petit bateau (with 15 kids on set haha), American Express, L'Oréal, and many others, seeing my pictures on billboards and magazines all over the world.

Now I'm far from the bustling cities, but I'm still passionate. Photography is my life; I've spent thousands and thousands of hours honing my craft.

Can i bring accesories

Yes please!

If you feel like it, you can bring fun accessories to play with such as hats, scarves, Turkish towel, ice cream, flower crowns etc

That will bring a bit of fun on the pictures but try to stay as minimalist as possible

Do you do big groups?

So far my biggest group was 22 people. I love big groups . So much life and beautiful chaos in big family.

I will begin with the full group, followed by all the kids (and grandparents if necessary). Then, I will photograph the different families and any combinations you may require. I will capture both posed family pictures and candid moments of your crew having a good time.

After the session, how and when will I see my images?

Delivery time: 3 days. I want your pictures to be perfect and I will spend the appropriate amount of time with the images to make sure of that. I also work extra hours so you can enjoy your pictures a few days after your session.

I will send you a copyrighted selection of around 60 images.

From those 50 images you can pick the one you love (20 images for the full session, 10 for the mini session).

You have the final say but I can always help you if needed.

Do you offer prints?

Yes! And the process is really easy. From your private gallery, just add the prints you want in your basket.
There are a lot of options from simple prints to greeting cards.

Bring your photos to life on the finest-quality paper designed to be enjoyed for a lifetime. Printed on Kodak or Fuji professional-grade archival paper for increased color gamut, excellent skin tones, sharpness and brilliant image quality.

What should I wear?

Think stylish, think chic, think no big logos but complimentary tones to each other. Ultimately, you want to feel good about yourself but also whilst looking good.

When you book a session you will receive a guide about what are good outfits to wear and what to avoid.

Are you used to work with kids?

I’ve been a photographer for almost two decades and I had the chance to shoot a lot of kids all around the world for families and also kids brands like Petit Bateau and Milk Magazine.

I won’t direct your kids a lot - the best images come when kids are being themselves.

Can i get all the pictures

Generally, in a 45-minute session, I take around 300 pictures.

So, why wouldn’t just give you all the raw pictures?

Trust me, I will pick the best pictures and will provid you with a range of different finished images.

Editing and color grading take time for family photographers because the raw pictures coming from the camera are flat (no contrast, no saturation etc)

So, how do I work? I import our session into a professional software, make a first selection, and remove any blinking, funny faces, hair in the face, and strange postures.

That will reduce it to around 60 images.

From those 60 you can choose the one you really like. You have the final choice but of course I can help you if you feel lost.

What the difference between Premium session and mini session?

The Premium Session is 45 min at sunset time and for any family up to 8 people.
It gives you more session time and more final images. Also you can choose your preferred location anywhere on 30a or Panama City Beach.

The mini session is 25 minutes and designed for max 5 people. Perfect for small families.
Also be aware that the mini sessions are at a specific place (a secret beach somewhere in Sunnyside beach), somewhere quieter with easy parking, palms and dunes we can use.